Healed by His stripes

I am sure most wake up excited on Friday’s, if only because the work week is over, I wake up today excitement and amazement.  It is sort of like Christmas morning for me.  For those of you who do not know today is Good Friday.  The anniversary of the Greatest Friday EVER.  The one in which Jesus gave up his life for my sins, for our sins, so we could be in Heaven with Him and our Father after our life here ends.  So why is it called Good Friday?  Why is the day the Greatest, Holiest, Man to walk the earth died called Good Friday?  Because by doing so He opened the gates of Heaven for US.  He died that horrible death for our sins, for sins that I have yet to commit.   I am solemn in remembering Jesus’ Passion and His walk to Calvary. Reflecting of the suffering Mary went through as she walked with him to the cross and watching her son die brings me to tears at times.  Still on Good Friday I am I excited thankful and humbled that He thought me worthy enough to endure such pain for.  Even if no one else thinks that I am worth much and that I am interchangeable, He did not and loved me enough to give His life for me.  While I know that the real rejoicing is Sunday when our Lord rises and fulfills the scripture for me Good Friday is just as special because if shows how much God loves us.  If you are not Catholic and have never made the
Stations of the Cross I urge you to go today to your local parish and witness and pray the Stations.  


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