A year of AJ

May 2008- She started the year flying high.

In June she was all to ready to head off to day camp and leave her Mama and baby bro behind.  I guess it was a sign of things to come.

July brought the responsibility of a library card and the thrill of tons of books.  

In August she felt confident enough to be in the pool all by her lonesome. 

In September she headed off to school without me.  

October was when we were introduced to Little Miss Sass.

November was the first time I actually saw how long her hair was getting and how she no longer looked like a baby at all.

December came with lots of join and anticipation for the first time Christmas meant something.

Thankfully in January we learned she still was a little kids who enjoyed baths with her baby bro.
In Febraury she gave me this stunning smile and reminded me that she will always be my sweet girl.
In March my brown eyed girl went bowling for the first time.

She rounded out the year still flying high on Daddy’s shoulders this time and with my heart in her smile.  

I am not sure what FOUR will bring, but I do know with my sweet angel face its bound to be great and unforgettable.  


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  1. jessicalflores1@aol.com
    Jun 08, 2009 @ 05:30:06

    Such a beautiful young lady she has become! Seems like just yesterday she was an itsy, bitsy baby.


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