Christmas 2009


Christmas Eve 2009

Making Granddad’s Triple Chocolate Cake for Christmas Eve Dessert
Jessica rocking out.
Handsome Ethan
Some gifts from the Fam

Cookies for Santa!!!Santa’s Come!!!!

Merry Christmas To All and to All a GOOD NIGHT!

Let it snow, let it snow…

let it snow! We had the blizzard of ’09 hit us on Saturday and all 15 or more inches were just the excuse we needed to stay in and get some family time. Of course the kids got out for a little when Kev went out to shovel but silly me forgot to get Koey gloves so we came in soon after. I wasn’t able to get a lot pics because the snow kept getting the lens all wet. AJ and Gish enjoyed the snow a bit longer while Koey and I made dinner and hot chocolate for them. Then we got busy playing some Jenga and Operation while eating Candy Canes.

Christmas Jammies

I learned 3 things during our annual Christmas Jammie photo shoot…

1. The Guishard Kids LOVE each other!

2. The Guishard Kids LOVE candy!

3. The Guishard Kids are CUTIES!!!

St. Nick

left of us treats for breakfast… (Note to self never leave so much candy for Kohen again.)

The one that melts my heart

Enough said!

I Seem

Like most other kids my children love Ice Cream!!! It has become Kohen’s new craving. He loves his I Seem