Conversations with 1st graders

I hope it is no secret that I love my job. Do I wish I could stay home with my kids, yes sometimes more than others. That being said there are days and conversations like the one below that make me LOVE my job…

Student M: So what you going to name that baby?

Me: What is her name guys?

Class: Ellie

Student N: No its Elena

Me: your right it is but we are calling her Ellie since not everyone can say Elena right.

Student C: Are ya going to get skinny when you have her?

Me: Well I sure hope so…

Student M: Do you like being skinny?

Me: Honestly I can’t remember

Student N: So are you going to cut that baby out of ya?

Me: Well N, someone is going to cut her out

Student M: Wait a minute who is Elena again?

Me: (Can’t stop laughing) the baby you just asked about!

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