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Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day is different from the ones before because I am almost certain our family is complete. Waking up this morning to all 3 kids scattered around our room was slightley bitter sweet. I love my kids so much and am so blessed to have them but knowing Ellie is our last makes me sad. She is so sweet and easy I want to keep her little forever.  This Mother’s Day I was given such a sweet gift from Kevin the last name to my necklace.  It was so thoughtful of him to get me something.  He also let each of the kids (well except L) pick out a card to give me.  I am so touched.  These last 8 months with him out of work have been so HARD but knowing we had each other made it easier (most days).  I know that our family is whole with the addition of Ellie and I know that if we stick together our gang can make it through anything.  So Happy Mother’s Day to all my mama friends!

Ava’s Mothers Day Tea

Ava’s Pre-K class had a Mother’s Day Tea yesterday and it was SOO sweet!  I loved every minute of it.  Of course in usual Grace fashion I cried several times.  Her teachers are awesome and the things they helped the kids do are amazing.  All the mothers got served a lunch that was made by the children, they made pasta salad and fruit salad along with sandwiches.  For dessert they made little sponge cakes filled with berries dipped in chocolates and topped with whip cream.  They performed some songs and then the teacher read aloud interviews she had with each child about their Mom.  They gave us bracelets and flowers in cute pots.  The answers Ava gave when her teacher interviewed her made me realize that she notice things I never would and also that the things that are important to me are not so to her. All in all it was a great party and I was so happy to spend it with my girl.  Having her as my oldest is such a blessing!

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