Day 5

I have had to start working out at night to get in Kevan’s workouts.  Its 10:10 and I just got home from the gym, thankfully instead of being exhausted I have a feeling of accomplishment.  Todays workout was pretty easy just legs and cardio, I still need to do the crunches but I am proud of myself for staying after work.  I am having trouble getting all the meals in, I think it is because I wake up to late to fit in 6 meals and I usually end up skipping one, mostly the fish dinner or egg breakfast.  But even missing one I am surprisingly not hungry , which for me is weird.  I am going to try and get them all in tomorrow and see if there is any difference in my energy level.


Our 7 year Anniversary

Today Kevin and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary and 4th July too.  It was the best one yet!  We spent it with family and friends. Having our wedding on a holiday pretty much guaranteed we will never spend it alone or just with our kids.  This year I was a little resentful of that fact until I remember why I chose to marry Kevin on July 4th.  When I was little I remember 4th of July being a time when we got together with my aunts and cousins and had so much fun.  We often spent it downtown on the mall waiting for the fireworks or at cookouts.  It meant family to me and what better day to start my own family. Today was no different, we went to my grandfathers for a cookout, then to Swans for another cookout and then to Martina’s for fireworks!  Here are some pics of our day…

First Session

Well I didn’t quit!  I did everything he asked me too, except for some running.  As soon as he left I turned to Kevin and said well now I can cry and I actually did.  It was very hard!  I kept talking to myself and telling myself that I could do it.  It is a very fast paced circuit and in the end he said I walked/ran 1 mile, did 180 crunches, 60 squats, 30 lunges, and a whole bunch of arm exercises with the bands.  I am so sore!

Working Out with Kevan

There is  a trainer at my gym named Kevan who teaches a class called Dance it off with Kevan.  Well since he and his gf had a baby we have gotten to know each other a little better and I felt comfortable enough to ask him if he would train me.  He agreed and we are meeting on Saturday mornings at the field next to my house.  He also gave me a workout plan for 3 days at the gym and a meal plan.  Supposedly if I follow his plan I will lose between 20-25 lbs in a month.  I figure if I can give it a month I will be a lot better off than I am now even if I don’t lose that much.  I will be tracking an journaling how I am doing and if I can stick with it.  Hopefully at the end of the summer, roughly 8 weeks till school starts, I  will feel much better about myself, look way better and have the nerve to open this blog up to public viewers to show off my success.  (eeeekkkk!)