Working Out with Kevan

There is  a trainer at my gym named Kevan who teaches a class called Dance it off with Kevan.  Well since he and his gf had a baby we have gotten to know each other a little better and I felt comfortable enough to ask him if he would train me.  He agreed and we are meeting on Saturday mornings at the field next to my house.  He also gave me a workout plan for 3 days at the gym and a meal plan.  Supposedly if I follow his plan I will lose between 20-25 lbs in a month.  I figure if I can give it a month I will be a lot better off than I am now even if I don’t lose that much.  I will be tracking an journaling how I am doing and if I can stick with it.  Hopefully at the end of the summer, roughly 8 weeks till school starts, I  will feel much better about myself, look way better and have the nerve to open this blog up to public viewers to show off my success.  (eeeekkkk!)


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