New year New Goals

Well kind of ;). I was working with Ms. Lucille tonight and she asked me if I had written down my goals for the year, I like that I like the term goals. I always have resolutions and I rarely fulfill them maybe if I set goals I will. So without further ado (in no particular order):

  1. This year I will complete the final class I need to become certified in PreK-6 Educaiton in Virginia and Maryland.
  2. I will apply for a public school job.
  3. I will follow the Weight Watchers Program.
  4. I will lose 20 lbs by my 30th birthday in April (that’s 5 lbs a month). I would love to lose 40 😀
  5. I will workout at least 3 times a week.
  6. I will save enough money to have some pay for our Redskins tickets cash.
  7. I will spend more quality time with my daughter doing the things she likes.
  8. I will learn photoshop CS2 (which I have had since 2005 :-O)
  9. I will take Ava and Kohen to church at least 3 times a month.
  10. I will devote more time to prayer and thanksgiving.
  11. I will cut my dear husband some slack and allow him to spend time doing things he enjoys.
  12. I will learn to take my camera off auto and use the manual features.
  13. I will stand up for myself and LOVE myself.
  14. I will take care of me.
  15. I will declutter my house.
  16. I will print pictures I take.
  17. I will understand that I do not need to be perfect to be loved and need to prove my worth to everyone.
  18. I will give my son more one on one time.
  19. I will have one night a month with my mother just us well maybe Ash too.
  20. I will trust in the Lord.