Long time no post

So whats been up with us in the last oh 3 or months? Lots! The main reason I am not blogging as much is because my lap top is missing a y and a b key so it makes typing a pain! I have tons of pictures to share and lots of family fun to talk about. I
am trying to get into the blogging mood but the copying and pasting of letters is gettign OLD. One guess what I want for Christmas…

For now I will tell you that my kids have been getting to know each other more and more and everyday they amaze me with the love they have for one another. Kohen is so affectionate with his big sister it is heart warming. Of course they bicker and fight over toys daily but in quiet moments they show their love and it makes me melt.

Here are some pictures from August and our vacation to Massanutten. We got to do so much fun stuff and squeezed in so much of Ava’s to do list like fishing! Will post what we did in September soon!


Let it Snow!

Today we had a snow day.
Even though I planned to stay in these ALL day Little Miss had other plans.

So we traded Ugg slippers for Ugg Boots and headed out into the snow.

To look at and play in this.
When we started out The Boy was less than interest. She on the other hand was ecstatic.
This was the first time she got to play in the snow for more than 10 minutes. Her favorite part was dancing in the snow.I thought she might be cold at this point but no she was still all smiles.

So I decided that going for a walk to Sleven would be fine. This became my destination.
For what you might ask? What would make her walk to 7-11 in the snow with two kids in tow?
Well I did tell you about my obsession no?

And all was right with the world again. Well for me at least.
I then asked Little Miss what her destination was. Guess what she said!?! Rain Snow or Shine 3 year olds love the the park!

I checked on The Boy and off we headed. Guess he still wasn’t interested in the snow.
A quick pic of Just Us Girls.
My two favorite pictures of the day:

A yummy sleeping babe and…

A snowy arabesque

Showers with Daddy

Which is which????

6th Months of Bliss

My dear sweet Kohen is now 6th months! Like most of you who have babes know I feel like I blinked and poof he is a 6 month old yet I feel like he has been part of us forever. Children are such a blessing. I am so honored and grateful that God choose us to be Kohen’s family and gave him to me. He feels my life with such joy he has made me love Ava even more than I thought I could. I find it amusing that he is a morning person and wakes up with such spirit and so happy not sure that happen since Kevin and AJ wake up grumpy and I wake up begging for more sleep. He loves his sister and looks at her with such admiration. I am happy to report he has started to enjoy his time with Daddy more in the past month and I believe this has made Kevin very happy. He is still a little Mama’s Boy and truthfully I love being his favorite person. On to the stats and milestones:

  • Rolling over
  • Sitting up for brief periods
  • Eating some baby food but prefers Daddy’s Pancakes
  • About 13.4 Lbs
  • Length not sure…

My Morning Boy

Ethan (3.5 m) and Kohen (6 m)

Smiling into the night

Saying Good Bye to Daddy in the a.m.
Notice Mr. Grump
y Pants?

MoCo Fair

We went to the fair last night. AJ had a blast and Kohen was so good. We had funnel cake and cotton candy so that made Ava’s day (mine too). My sis went with us and made me ride this thing that was like the pirate boat but spun as well, kind looked like a claw, crazy. Its funny but I use to love rides like that and now they make me scared but I was so glad I got on it was soooo fun.

Crazy eyes and daddy

She wanted a bunny for our house. So did I!

AJ’s first roller coaster

Ash and me

Ko and me

Loves the ponies!

Last year I had to walk with her.
Kev cut the cow out 😦

She petted so many animals this time

There could not be anymore love between them!