Little Miss

About a year or two ago Kevin and I got Ava a junk t-shirt from Gap that said Little Miss Chatterbox. She is always talking and it fit her so well. She fell in love with the t-shirt and now has a few Little Miss books and a poster of all this Little Miss and Mr.__ characters. Up till now I have called just Little Miss but if this week is an indication of what she will become we are now going to call her Little Miss Sass. The girl has been so sassy lately it is incredible. Last week Kev told her “Let’s do this AJ we need to head up for bath and bed.” so she responded “Let’s not do this”. Yesterday when I came home and was reviewing her day and asked her if she had brushed her teeth she said “Let’s just say I did!?!?!?!?” So that is why we are calling her Little Miss in the blog and Little Miss Sass to be specific. Now I realize this is just an example of how Kev and I talk to each other and really a reflection of us so I am not panicking just getting a good chuckle and trying to teach her that somethings we say she can’t. How do your kids imitate you? Doesn’t this face just oozes sassiness?