Long time no post

So whats been up with us in the last oh 3 or months? Lots! The main reason I am not blogging as much is because my lap top is missing a y and a b key so it makes typing a pain! I have tons of pictures to share and lots of family fun to talk about. I
am trying to get into the blogging mood but the copying and pasting of letters is gettign OLD. One guess what I want for Christmas…

For now I will tell you that my kids have been getting to know each other more and more and everyday they amaze me with the love they have for one another. Kohen is so affectionate with his big sister it is heart warming. Of course they bicker and fight over toys daily but in quiet moments they show their love and it makes me melt.

Here are some pictures from August and our vacation to Massanutten. We got to do so much fun stuff and squeezed in so much of Ava’s to do list like fishing! Will post what we did in September soon!


Like fish in the water

While at Ira’s house we got to spend sometime in the pool. AJ loved it and is getting more confident in the water everyday. Kohen doesn’t mind being in the pool with us but it is always hard for me to judge when I should take him out and even harder to put him down for a nap.

Here he is during a brief nap. Little Pool Bum
AJ and I making use of our time with out baby bro
She was so happy to be floating by herself (vid below)
Ah he woke up and it was over for me and AJ
At least he is all smiles!
Thankfully my sis could play with her for me.

She loves Aunt AshThe kiddies and I (missing K)

For Daddy: