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Polka-Dot Cuties

Kohen and Ellie wore home the same polka-dot outfit. Of course his is blue and hers is pink. I love them though. Wish we had one when AJ was born.

The Terror Squad

The kids are commonly known at Avi and Papi’s (my parents) house as The Terror Squad. So I thought I would give a hospital pic of each.




Elena Campbell Guishard

Introducing the final addition to our gang
Elena Campbell Guishard
7 pounds 4 oz. 19.5 inches.
Januar 20th 2010
2:11 pm

Conversations with 1st graders

I hope it is no secret that I love my job. Do I wish I could stay home with my kids, yes sometimes more than others. That being said there are days and conversations like the one below that make me LOVE my job…

Student M: So what you going to name that baby?

Me: What is her name guys?

Class: Ellie

Student N: No its Elena

Me: your right it is but we are calling her Ellie since not everyone can say Elena right.

Student C: Are ya going to get skinny when you have her?

Me: Well I sure hope so…

Student M: Do you like being skinny?

Me: Honestly I can’t remember

Student N: So are you going to cut that baby out of ya?

Me: Well N, someone is going to cut her out

Student M: Wait a minute who is Elena again?

Me: (Can’t stop laughing) the baby you just asked about!

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Making Granddad’s Triple Chocolate Cake for Christmas Eve Dessert
Jessica rocking out.
Handsome Ethan
Some gifts from the Fam

Cookies for Santa!!!Santa’s Come!!!!

Merry Christmas To All and to All a GOOD NIGHT!

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