I beg to differ

Stole this from Tiara and I completely disagree!


20 WEEKS???

Well, somehow I am not quite sure how I got to 20 weeks without realizing it. Half way there and feeling bigger than with AJ at this point. I haven’t really had any actual problems. Kohen is now kicking regularly and making me believe he going to be a night person. He has taken my appetite lately and nothing really sounds good. I eat when I am hungry but I don’t have any type of cravings, kind of makes eating a pain. This is my 19 week pic. We where on our way to pick pumpkins. The booty is given to me by the shorts. I was shocked when I saw it but asked Kevin to verify that my butt is getting bigger and he said he wishes. I on the other hand am happy not to be getting a shelf.
This next pic is my 20 week picture. I am wearing a gap shirt that I thought I would love but I think it has an 80’s look that I don’t appreciate. I think I look like I should be wearing leggings and
a side pony tail, Anyway it is way roomie and I have tons of room to grow into it. This was after a carnival type thing at my school on Friday night. Sorry for the mess in my kitchen. I promise one of these days I will get to cleaning it up. Somehow I can always think of a 1,000 things to do besides cleaning. We had a MF appointment and I got some new pics of Kohen I will post after we scan them. Dr. Kramer said that my chances for downes cam back at 1 in 18,000. I think I am just doomed to always have a scare with pregnancies. Kevin and I are still pulling at the idea of a 3rd. I pull yes and he pulls no. I think I will wait until Kohen is here before I make a big push for it.

Ava Happenings:
My AJ has had a couple busy weekends the last few weeks. We took her to the Butlers Orchard last weekend to pick a pumpkin. She had such a blast picking one out for her and one for Kohen. Of course now they are both hers. Kevin found a really big one for her. I am just wondering if we should paint it or carve it. Kevin and I aren’t experts at carving but we have no clue how to paint a pumpkin either. It was so hot and Ava loved the fall festival at Butlers. My twins I swear this kid looks just like me but she walks and acts just like her dad. They have the same stance and body type. The little pumpkin that looks a little green and moldy is the one that Ava picked out just for Kohen. We let her take it home even though we aren’t sure if it will go bad soon. It’s been a week and still holding up. I think she had a blast because she has been asking to go back to the Pumpkin Patch. Such a cute kid I have .