Just chillin’

We may not be a family that does tons of fancy stuff but we sure know how to take time and enjoy each other. We end most nights in Ava’s reading stories and talking about our day. Funny that soon we will have another pair of feet joining us…

Christmas 2007

Red for Christmas in this post. I guess you could say we started Christmas festivities on the 23rd as Ava and I got “busy” baking Santa’s cookies. She was so proud of the one she decorated all by herself! She asked me to put family members names on the cookies and then asked for some seasonal pictures. After we made and decorated the cookies we went to Kevin’s parents for their Christmas party. I wish I had pictures but we stopped by my Mom’s first and I left my cammera at her house so sadly I got no pics from the party.

Christmas Eve:

We went to Mass and then headed to my parents for dinner and a Lovelace Christmas. Ava had such a fun time hanging out with her cousin Jessica. I think they sung every Christmas Carol I have ever heard. Soon they were dancing up a storm. When it came time to open gifts Ava made out like a bandit! She was so cute, when she would get a gift she would ask, Is this for me? I think her faves from the night were a ring my Mom gave her and a necklace from my aunt. When we got home she left cookies for Santa and snuck a bite of the one that said Ava. Even at 2:00 a.m. she reminded us the need to read her a story 🙂 Funny girl she is!

Christmas Day

I think that Kevin was more excited about Ava opening her gifts than she was. He was up early asking when we could wake her up. I love what a good father he is. She loved her ironing board and new anywhere chair. We watched Toy Story and colored with her new crayons. I have yet to let the play-doh come out. Maybe tomorrow?

We headed to my in-laws and had Christmas Brunch. Ava got her shopping cart and microwave there.Boy is this kid in heaven now! I am starting to think we should get stock in PBKids since we own almost all their role playing toys. When we were getting ready to leave my mother in law said I know somebody who is very tired to which Ava answered “I’ m very tired too!” We came home and napped until 5:30. Pizza for dinner and “Open Season” is on the menu for tonight. I must say what everyone says is true Christmas is about the kids. I can’t ever remember being as happy opening gifts as I was today watching AJ’s eyes light up and saying “WOW, is this for me?” I am sure Kevin feels the same.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

And A Happy New Year! Next Christmas card from us will have one more Guishard in the pic! I can’t wait! Maybe I will even convince Kevin to let us wearing matching PJ’s?!?!

3rd Trimester here I am!

Looking all huge at 28 weeks! I can’t believe I have another 12 weeks. Well at least I have time to actually get some stuff for my dear Kohen. Not much new except he continues to move like a mad man at night.

It’s beginning to look at a lot like Christmas

We had to play catch up this weekend in our preparations for Christmas. On Saturday we took Ava to have breakfast with Santa and pick out our tree. We also made a gingerbread tree and cookies. I think Ava had a of fun! Today I went to pick-up a red throw to put on our couch for a Christmas card picture I plan to take tomorrow. Kevin and Ava are headed out to pick out Christmas decorations tomorrow to make sure Ava gets her “Christmas” she keeps talking about. It’s funny how involved she is this year. She told us she wanted a short and fat tree like Daddy likes them , Christmas at her house (lights and decorations) and to write her letter to Santa. You can see all our pictures at