First Bath

Kohen had his first official bath yesterday. I think he prefers showers with Daddy more though. AJ loved helping give him a bath, but I can’t wait to get them in the tub together.


Sleeping beauty??


Easter smiles

Kohen is smiling! Ava is hamming it up!
Loving these two!

Hippity Hop

The Easter Bunny is on his way. Got both baskets done soon after the kids went to bed and here they are.

AJ’s and Kohen’s

Kohen’s is pretty simple just Eeyore, paci’s and a card.

Ava’s has the good stuff…

The Bee Movie, Veggie Tales Movie, Backyardigan’s CD, Love you Forever, Hulabaloo, stickers, bunny straws and yummy treats.

Easter Eggs

We went to get our pictures taken today and then to pick up some stuff for AJ’s Easter Basket so we got home kind of late. I think Ava was about to have a melt down if we didn’t get to coloring the eggs ASAP. She had fun even though we didn’t have many eggs and I messed up the pink dye. I was looking back to last years coloring of eggs and it is obvious my baby girl is really growing up. Needless to say Kohen didn’t participate in this activity but AJ made sure she pointed out what colors he would use for his eggs. Now for egg salad tomorrow

Working Hard

Aren’t they pretty

AJ and Mommy

Daddy and the kids

One Month

My big boy is one month. How did that happen so fast? The past month has been a daze. I feel like I just met him but at the same time like he has been with us forever. He is now 9 lbs and gaining. Nursing is going well on his end, for me, I would like to stretch out the feedings to more than longer than every two hours. I am not going to lie the transition of adding Kohen to our family hasn’t been the easiest. I am still trying to learn the best way to care for two littles and how to give Ava the attention and patience she deserves. Of course the moment she says something cute or Kohen gives me a gassy smile I remember it will all get easier and if not they are both worth it ten fold.

See the rolls? I LOVE THEM

Loving her bro

One Month Pics

Worth a Listen!

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