First Graders

Can drive me crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I have the cutest kids but boy do I leave school tried and wondering WTF happen. I don’t remember my class being like this last year. I have so many different issues I am dealing with it is hard to know where to start and what to address first. I am having trouble with my transitions between activities. I turn from picking up one set of papers get the next and they are deep in loud conversations, swing from desks, standing on chair and being plain silly. I have a couple students who are being tested for ADHD and one with diagnosed ADHD and who is possibly on the spectrum. One kids who I love to death but has serious issues, completely inappropriate (think an episode of Family Guy) probably one of my smartest but augh he can’t even be trusted in the bathroom by himself. This week I had a parent get on me because she emailed me at 9:20 pm and I had not answered by 8 am. She wants me to send notes to her ex-husband telling him he needs to leave graded tests in the communication folder. She wants me to be responsible for her childs shoes because her sneakers never come back from Dad’s. One parent who came into ask me what I could do to make her child friends with another again. Another asked me to make sure her son eats his lunch and lastly a couple parents asking why their children aren’t getting more stickers. Three of my students were sent back from music class for being out of control, the gym teacher thinks my class is the wildest. I have about 4 responsible students who are getting bored and wasting time waiting for about 6 who are soooo slow. AAAAHHHHHH see why I needed a crown and coke?



Ah where to start? This week Kevin made it hard to pick why he rocks. He has been an all around great husband. I have been so tired this week and work has been rough for both of us yet Guish has tried so hard to make things better for me. So I am going to list the three reasons I couldn’t pick between…

  1. He makes me feel attractive
  2. He listens to my school stories and helps me see the lighter side.
  3. He knows when I really just need a Crown and Coke
  4. I know I said three but Guish reminds me to have fun with my own kids!
Kevin and I have been together for 11 years and to say that he still makes me feel like I am the one for him awesome in my book. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and being a teacher is the only job I would want to have but boy sometimes the kids can drive you nuts (rant in another post) Kev helps me laugh about the situations. Sometimes said kids make it neccessary to have a drink and Kev will go out in the rain to make sure I have the Crown Royal and Coke needed to relax and let things go. #4 is most important because being a teacher sometimes makes it harder to have energy and patience for your own children, Kevin makes us do things as a family and of course once I get around my two I can’t help but have fun with them. 3 Best People Ever!

Kohen and Jaclyn

By this age I had tons of pictures of Ava with her playmates so today I decided to take some of Koey and Jaclyn. Though he is trying to play it cool and act like he doesn’t care that she is sharing his Mommy’s lap he did try and shove her away a couple times. Its funny because now he actually acknowledges her presence and stares her down when she is in her car seat near him. Guess he doesn’t know that I have already been in talks to marry them huh?

Jaclyn 3 months, Kohen 7 months

Aren’t they cute?

Day in the life of a flower girl

Saturday was my cousin, Ava’s godfather’s wedding. Doug and his new wife had asked AJ to be one of the flower girls in their wedding and we gladly accepted. After looking through my pics of the day who could even wonder why, flower girl life is s-w-e-e-t!

1. Get a pretty tiara

2. Get your nails did

3. Look almost as beautiful as the bride.
4. Ride in a Limo.

5. Get carried around by a cute uncle (my cousin Kenny).

6. Dance with a cutie, make sure to break his heart and not even bother to ask his name.

7. Allow Daddy to cut in have aunt Ashlee school him on some dance moves.

8. Dance with your father more than Mommy does.

9. Drink OJ out of a fancy cup.

10. Clap along to good music and eat jelly beans.
11. Live the life of a rockstar!

Fun at the playground…

Need to upload pictures but my camera is downstairs and I am following behind on my blogging so I will update with pics tomorrow. We went to the park this evening and it was the first time I saw the kids enjoy it together. Kohen is now old enough to be a fan of the swings. He really enjoys sitting in the baby seat and being pushed. Ava is now an expert climber and watching her at the playground reaffirmed my belief she is getting soo big and growing so fast. Kev took both kids down the slides, boy was it funny to watch him crouch in to children’s play equipment. Will add pics tom…

Hail Victory

Our first regular season game and first regular season win (we have been going for 5 years never seen them win live). The game was a slow starter, Kev had a hangover and fell ASLEEP! He had been out with my cousins for a bachelor party and had the nerve to fall asleep in the 3rd quarter. I had suggested we leave since it was so hot and I was tried of sweating like a pig. We decided to wait a couple minutes and then the fun started. Great 4th quarter made the heat and long day worth it. Now if we can beat Dallas this week we will be set!

Redskins sideline.

Wish I had those dimples!

Kicking an extra point.

Little more sweaty, but why does he look better than the last?

On the Metro heading home.

MHR Friday

Kevin rocks this week because he tries so hard to make me happy. He is not perfect, no one is, but when I am having a hard day or week even he will do something to brighten my day and remind me why I love him and that even though our life isn’t perfect there are so many good things and as long as we have each other we can make it through. Case in point… this week I have been complaining about leaving the house so late in the morning and getting to work just before my students. I told him I have so much stuff to do in the a.m. and I have no clue how to go faster. I was flustered by Friday and frankly super annoyed because he had to put gas in my car and slow me down even more. Well he woke up at 5:45 to make sure he could help me out had my pump bag ready, clothes ironed (I hate to iron) and car gassed up so I could leave by 7:10. I get in my car feeling like okay I am doing good on time but boy am I tired! I won’t have time for Starbucks I should have called Kevin while he was at the gas station to get me a Red Bull… look down and there it was a Red Bull in the cup holder. Gotta love him! As requested by Kev here is a throw back pic…

This is Kevin and I in Paris in 2000. I wanted to go to Paris so bad and begged while were in London to go to Paris. We took the train over for the day and all I wanted was to see the Eiffel Tower so Kevin got me there and even rode on the freezing open top deck of the tour bus so I could catch the rest of Paris in January. I love this picture because it reminds me how he will do so much to put a smile on my face.

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