God’s Blessings

This morning my sweet boy woke up at 6:23 and I was filled with this feeling to gratitude. As sat on my lap and laid his head on my chest there was nowhere else I wanted him to be. I realized for the upteenth time what a great blessing children are. He sat with me for a good 6 minutes just peaceful and in his own way inspiring me to pray. I gave God thanks for my healthy children and I prayed even hard for Stellan and for a girl I went to high school with who is battling cancer. Last night these to people were on my mind and I couldn’t figure out how to help them. So this morning Kohen and I prayed. Though my children are both healthy and full of life it could change in an instant. So those moments when you want them to sleep just a little bit longer maybe aren’t as important as being thankful and praising God that they woke up healthy again.


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