Not Me

Sorry I am day late but I just can’t seem to motivate myself these days.  So anyway here goes…

I did not have to order my own birthday cake.
I did not have to cut my own cake.
I did not cry to my husband because I was able to eat a piece of my own cake and not just have to server it instead.
I did not ask to sleep in for my birthday.
I was not upset when Kohen woke up at 6:30 instead.
I did not beg Kevin to take me out for a Margarita.
I did not go to Ann Taylor Loft for new shirts.  I am a mom who sacrifices and only shops for her children.
I did not get giddy when I walked into Whole Foods on Monday.
I was not the least bit thankful that I got to go to work and leave Kev with a whining, crying, cranky Kohen.  
I did not lie to my daughter and tell her mushrooms are a type meat because Daddy was at work and I thought I could sneak a vegetarian dinner.
I have not been eating everything in sight
I don’t think this is because I gave up diet soda for Lent
I did not miss my favorite Sunday of all, Palm Sunday, because I was a poor planner and ended up babysitting.
I do not think God will understand that I was helping a friend and forgive me.  

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